Novice Coin Enthusiasts: Spice Up Your Coin Collection, Buffalo-Style

Are you new to coin collecting and looking to spice up your game on sites like a little bit? If so, it's time to take a few minutes to check out this sizzling advice. American Buffalo coins come in various metals and denominations, but they all feature the same James Earle Frazier-designed images. Each American Buffalo coin portrays the detailed head of a Native American man on one side and the full side-view of an American Buffalo on the other. [Read More]

Tips For Using A Payday Advance To Solve A Financial Crises

The short term loan known as the payday advance, or the payday loan, is often maligned by people in the financial industry. This is due in some part to the way that a few payday lenders market their business, but mostly it is due to a lack of understanding regarding the actual loan process and purpose. Payday loans have often been used as a quick way to have money before payday, especially when there is an emergency situation. [Read More]

9 Ways To Raise Funds For Your Small Business

When you own a small business and need to expand, chances are you need to borrow money. Sourcing those funds can be tricky. You no longer have a typical weekly paycheck and a secure job to show the bank. In fact, you might be re-investing all your profits and have nothing in your bank account to show for all your hard work yet. There are options for you, though. 1. Micro Loan: The hottest term in lending these days is micro loan. [Read More]

Five Tools And Services You Need To Know About If You Are "Unbanked"

Nearly 10 million households in the United States are unbanked, meaning that none of the adults in the house have bank accounts. The reasons for not having an account vary from job loss to dissatisfaction with high bank fees. If you are part of the unbanked for any reason, there are a range of services that you can use in lieu of traditional bank account services. Here are five you should know about:   [Read More]