5 Ways To Meet Your Short-Term Emergency Money Needs

Emergencies don't wait until you have plenty of money in the bank to occur. They always seem to hit when you are down to your last dollar, and it can be pretty stressful when they happen. If you have an unexpected emergency and need a short-term solution to your problem, consider these five solutions.  Ask your bank for an overdraft loan Many banks offer customers the chance to set up an overdraft line of credit, or overdraft loan, to cover unexpected expenses that might otherwise make your bank account become overdrawn. [Read More]

3 Tax Time Tips For First-Year Freelancers

Your first tax season as a self-employed freelancer can come as a shock, especially if you've grown used to simply handing your W-2s over to a tax preparation service. Don't worry, though – you can do this. If you've managed to make money as a self-employed worker, you've already proven that you can accomplish what many people can't – this is just one more thing you'll learn how to handle. If you get stuck, visiting a professional accountant is always a good idea. [Read More]