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Bonds To Consider If You Get Bail

The daily news is full of high-profile cases involving wealthy individuals. These individuals end up paying large sums of money as bail. The court also seizes their passports and travel documents to prevent them from leaving the county or state. In rare cases, they can be denied bail and remain in jail, waiting to be tried and charged with a crime they committed. 

You can get caught in this scenario and wish to get bail. Here are the bail bonds you should consider if you're in such a predicament.

Surety Bond

It's the common and most secure method of getting out of jail, awaiting the hearing of your case. Here, a bondsman will pay the required amount of bail money. However, it's for charity; there's an attached legal obligation of paying them in full once you're out of jail. 

The bondsman usually requires a deposit of ten percent of your bail upfront cost for purposes of incentives. This upfront bail money is a surety that they'll get some of their investment back. To get this type of bond after getting bail, you contact a bondsman who informs you of the specifics of the bond. 

The bondsman then pays the required amount after giving them some deposit fees, and you're free to go. They assume that you'll appear for your consecutive court hearings. If you fail to do so, a court will issue a warrant of immediate arrest for skipping jail. 

Property Bond and Personal Recognizance Bond

In a property bond, the court gives you the chance of using your property as bail. The property you give should be double the bail amount in value. If you don't appear in the next hearing, the court can repossess the property. The bail takes longer to be processed as you must first provide proof of property ownership in court. 

If you have committed a nonviolent act for the first time, the court may grant you a personal recognizance bond. Under this bond, you'll not give the court any money for your bail. After your release, the court expects you to appear for your next hearing without fail.

Cash Bond

You can also pay the total amount of the bail-in cash if you can. You'll get a refund of the money once the case gets settled. However, if you skip jail, you'll lose the money to the court. 

Avoid getting locked up in jail and seek to get out on bail. You can contact a bondsman if you don't have the bail money or choose any of the bails mentioned above to be free pending hearing of your case.