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Reasons To Add Futures To Your Investment Portfolio

Are you tired of trading the same basic stocks and mutual funds? Looking to learn more about the market or trade something a bit more interesting? Consider downloading a futures trading mobile app or contact your current broker about getting into futures trading and you might like what you see. Getting into futures trading can provide a number of benefits for you as an investor and for your portfolio. Here's why you might want to look into this type of investing.

Keep Making Plays Outside of Traditional Market Hours

One of the benefits of the futures market is that many futures trade well beyond the normal hours of the main stock exchanges. You might even find some futures markets that stay online 24/7. You could make a decision during normal hours but then change your mind before you go to sleep that night and make an adjustment right from your mobile app, for example.

Take Advantage of Lower Commissions and High Volume

Every investor knows that commissions can eat into your profit and that's it's important to keep this percentage down. Many futures brokers will only take a commission after the position completely closes, and you might be charged a small percentage. Exact prices will, of course, vary and could change over time, but futures trading has long had a reputation as being a low-commission opportunity.

You'll also find that the futures market typically has high volume, which means lots of people constantly looking to buy or trade. You can have confidence from knowing that you can buy more or quickly get out of an investment when you want to.

Add Diversity to Your Portfolio in a Fun Way

Yes, you can build a long-term portfolio using the traditional stock market or a couple of mutual funds. But with futures trading, you can make some plays that will greatly diversify your portfolio while also providing you the opportunity for a quick gain. The futures market can move quite fast at times, and you might be able to cash out a short-term profit if you play your cards right.

Futures Can Provide a Home Run That Most Investors Only Dream Of

Because futures trading can move quickly, it's possible for not just a quick return, but a big return that you would otherwise have to wait years to achieve through the traditional market. Yes, this also means there is more risk and you could also stand to lose money if you make a bad decision, but make good use of stop loss orders and you can mitigate your losses while leaving the opportunity for a home run on the table.

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